Booking a flight

Everyone wants a good deal. There are so many places I want to go in the world. Where I go first a lot of the time depends on the deal I can get.  I am going to share with you some of the tips I use for getting a great deal on plane flights.


Skyscanner. This is, in my option, the best search engine for finding flights. Skyscanner can also be used for hotels and car rental. If you used the website all three functions are available there. If you are using the apps, you will need to download each app to assess each service. One feature I enjoy about the flight app is the whole month chart view. It shows you the cheapest dates to fly. This is great if you are flexible with your dates.

Book Direct. Skyscanner is a great starting point when booking a flight, but I always book directly through the airlines. Once I find the flight I want on Skyscanner, I go directly to the airlines’ site and book through them. I do this for many reasons

  • Hidden Fees. When you book directly with the airlines the fee is more visible. Budget airlines like Frontier (which I am not a fan of) and Spirit (which I like) tack on carrier one fees and seat fees. While they may have had the lowest rate at first, after adding all the fees a major airline like Delta, that includes 1 carrier one, maybe a better deal.

Know When to Book. The best day to book is the best day to buy airline tickets is Sunday, especially if you’re booking more than 21 days in advance. Purchasing tickets over the weekend more than 21 days in advance can save more than 30 percent to Europe and 17 percent on travel domestically, according to Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

Red Eyes. Red eyes leave after 9 PM and arrive before 5am. I love red eyes. Since they leave later in the day, I can get an extra day of vacation before my flight. On top of having almost an extra day of fun, red eyes tend to be cheaper.

Happy Booking!


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